Alvor, Portugal - 2007

Pestana Delfim, Alvor, Portugal

November 2007: A family gathering in Alvor, Portugal.

Some stayed here at the Pestana Delfim Hotel (left); some stayed with Jean and table tennis ace Ron (below left) in a timeshare apartment at the nearby Pestana Alvor Praia Hotel (right) and some stayed in an apartment in town.

The weather was excellent with almost unbroken sunshine and temperatures in the twenties.


Pestana Alvor Praia timeshare apartments, Alvor, Portugal

 Jean and Ron relaxing on the balcony

There was a good choice of entertainment at the Delfim but the weather was so good we didn't stay indoors very much. Ron (left) did win a table tennis tournament or two, though - despite a broken wrist a few weeks ago.
Right: The pool looked inviting but it was freezing!

The pool at Pestan Alvor Praia - unheated 

Particularly good in the evening was the weekly cabaret provided by Cristina and her intrepid team of amateur players, all drawn from hotel staff. On the right are links to some video clips of their Moulin Rouge show (right-click to download to your own pc). Unfortunately the incompetent idiot behind the camera didn't realise the sound was not being recorded (any fool designing a camera would make sure the default for movies was on wouldn't they? Oh no - it was off!)

Right: Cristina, after seeing a preview of a video clip in the camera, mistakes me for a millionaire film director, impresario or international playboy.

As Al Mutadid wrote in the 11th century:
In the sweet company of damsels with elegant waists
Some so white, others so dark that they caused in my soul
The effect of shining swords and black lances.


 In the sweet company of damsels...

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