Eliza Charlotte CARTER1

b. 19 March 1819, d. 30 July 1898
Father*John CARTER b. 13 Aug 1779, d. 3 Jul 1838
Mother*Sophia HARRIDGE b. 15 Nov 1781, d. 8 May 1855
Note*Eliza Charlotte CARTER General Notes:
Eliza's godmothers were her Aunt Lucas and Charlotte Whittaker.
She had Scarlet Fever in 1835, whilst at school in Clapton.
Eliza was educated at Clapton, Middlesex.

1841 Census:
Address: Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex
CARTER, Eliza          25     Collar Maker     Y. 
Birth*She was born on 19 March 1819 at Chelmsford, Essex.1 
ChristeningShe was christened on 16 April 1819 at Chelmsford, Essex.1 
(Witness) MiscShe was a complainant (plaintiff) in the suit in the Court of Chancery contesting the execution of
the will of Thomas Harridge (d1827). Brought by William
D'Aranda and Elizabeth, and others (see list below). The
actual Bill of Complaint has not yet turned up but there
are several 'answers' of the defendants.


William D'Aranda
Elizabeth D'Aranda
Susannah Harridge
Eliza Harridge
Thomas Harridge
Mary Harridge
Henry Harridge Carter
James Caldwell Carter
Emma Carter
Mary Carter
Crispe Harridge Carter
John Carter
Eliza Charlotte Carter
William Bacon Carter
Alleyne David Carter
Charlotte Kennett
Sophia Kennett
Eliza Kennett
Henrietta (aka Harrietta) Kennett
Thomas Henry Kennett
Richard Kennett
Mary Ann Kennett
John Carter Kennett
Matilda Kennett
Robert Kennett
Arthur Stanes Kennett
William Stanes Kennett
Theresa Ford
Sophia Ford
Emma Ford
Harriott Ford
Frederick Ford
Mary Ann Ford
William D'Aranda Ford
Susannah Ford


David Harridge
Thomas Walker
Mary Walker
Crisp Harridge
Susannah Attridge
John Carter
Sophia Carter
Susannah Harridge Carter
Thomas Kennett
Charlotte Timson Kennett
Theresa Jones Ford with William Peter D'ARANDA R.N. and Elizabeth HARRIDGE circa 1829.2
Marriage*Eliza Charlotte CARTER married Reverend William Henry COOMBS, son of James COOMBS, on 4 July 1846 at Suffolk. 
Married Name As of 4 July 1846,her married name was COOMBS. 
Death*Eliza Charlotte CARTER died on 30 July 1898 at Walkerville, South Australia, at age 79.1 
Burial*She was buried on 2 August 1898 at St George's Cemetery, Gawler, South Australia.1 


Reverend William Henry COOMBS b. 1817, d. 23 August 1896
Marriage*She married Reverend William Henry COOMBS, son of James COOMBS, on 4 July 1846 at Suffolk. 
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