b. circa 1808, d. 1883
Note*Sarah SERGEANT IGI Data: John HOWICK married Sarah SERGEANT
29-Sep-1827 at Horley (M069772)

Surrey Marriage Index: Horley, 1827-09-09, John HOWICK of this parish and Sarah SERGEANT of this parish

Marriage Info:
Horley - Marriage
John Howick, of this parish, bachelor and Sarah Sergeant, of this parish, spinster were married in this church by Banns with consent of (blank) this twenty-ninth day of September in the year 1827 By me, W.H. Hughes. This marriage was solemnized between us, John Howick, The mark of Sarah Sergeant In the presence of Betty Giles & Thomas Bray

Sarah appears twice in the 1881 census as does her grandson Jesse thus:

1881 Census
Census Place: Burstow, Surrey, England
Source: FHL Film 1341189 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0801 Folio 8 Page 10
               Marr      Age     Sex     Birthplace
Sarah HOWICK          W     75     Female     Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Head
Jesse HOWICK          M     31     Male     Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Son
Occ: General Laborer
Jesse HOWICK          -     8     Male     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Gran Son
Occ: Scholar

1881 Census
Dwelling: Carters Row
Census Place: Reigate Foreign, Surrey, England
Source: FHL Film 1341188 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0798 Folio 163 Page 12
               Marr     Age     Sex     Birthplace
Robert HOWICK          M     41     Male     Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Sawyer
Eliza HOWICK          M     39     Female     Crawley, Sussex, England
Rel: Wife
Occ: Laundress
Abraham HOWICK     U     19     Male     Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Bricklayers Labourer
Clara R. HOWICK          -     16     Female     Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Daugh
Occ: General Domestic Servant
Robert E. HOWICK     -     13     Male     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Son
Occ: General Labourer
Mary A.L. HOWICK     -     13     Female     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Daugh
Occ: Nurse Domestic Serv
John E.J. HOWICK     -     5     Male     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Ellen J.V. HOWICK     -     4     Female     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Daugh
Jesse HOWICK          -     8     Male     Redhill, Surrey, England
Rel: Nephew
Occ: Scholar
Sarah HOWICK          W     75     Female Burstow, Surrey, England
Rel: Mother

1861 Census:
Place: Outwood Common, Burstow, Surrey
Ref: RG9/444/5/9
Name          Age     Marr     Sex     Birthplace     Occ          Rel
Sarah HOWICK     55     M     F     Surrey, Horley     Lab's Wife     Head
Robert HOWICK     22     U     M     Surrey, Burstow     Ag Lab          Son
Joseph HOWICK     20     U     M     Surrey, Burstow     Ag Lab          Son
Jesse HOWICK     12     U     M     Surrey, Burstow     Scholar          Son
Henry HOWICK     61     M     M     Surrey, Godstone Ag Lab          Lodger
Aaron SIMMONS     18     U     M     Surrey, Lingfield     Ag Lab          Lodger

1851 Census
Place: Outwood
          Age     Marr     Sex     Birthplace
Sarah HOWICK     43     M     F     Surrey, Horley
Rel: Head
Occ: Sawyer's wife
Henry HOWICK     46     M     M     Surrey, Godstone
Rel: Lodger
Occ: Agl Labourer
Obid HOWICK     14     U     M     Surrey, Burstow
Rel: Son
Occ: Agl Labourer
Robert HOWICK     11     U     M     Surrey, Burstow
Rel: Son
Occ: At home
Joseph HOWICK     9     U     M     Surrey, Burstow
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Jesse HOWICK     1     U     M     Surrey, Burstow
Rel: Son
Ester HOWICK     11     U     F     Surrey, Burstow
Rel: Niece
Occ: At home
1841 Census
Place: Outwood, Parish of Burstow
          Age     Sex     Born in County     Occupation
John HOWICK     35     M     Y          Sawyer
Sarah HOWICK     30     F     Y
Mary HOWICK     11     F     Y
Henry HOWICK     9     M     Y
John HOWICK     6     M     Y
Obid HOWICK     4     M     Y
Robert HOWICK     1     M     Y
James RUSSELL     20     M     N          Lab on railroad
Married NameHer married name was HOWICK. 
Birth*She was born circa 1808 at Burstow, Surrey. 
Marriage*She married John HOWICK on 29 September 1827 at Horley, Surrey. 
Death*Sarah SERGEANT died in 1883.1 


John HOWICK b. circa 1805, d. 1881
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