D'Aranda v Harridge 1829

Without Oath by Order |         26 October 1829 | 
Dated 20th February 1829       Turton by Polden | 

The Joint and Several Answer of The Reverend Thomas Walker Clerk | and Mary Walker his Wife Two of the Defendants to the Bill of Complaint of William | D’Aranda and Elizabeth his Wife and Susannah Harridge, Eliza Harridge, Thomas Harridge, Mary | Harridge, Henry Harridge Carter, James Caldwell Carter, Emma Carter, Mary Carter, Crispe Harridge Carter, | John Carter, Eliza Charlotte Carter, William Bacon Carter, Aligne David Carter, Charlotte Kennett, Sophia | Kennett, Eliza Kennett, Henrietta Kennett, Thomas Henry Kennett, Richard Kennett, Mary Ann | Kennett, John Carter Kennett, Matilda Kennett, Robert Kennett, Arthur Kennett, William Stanes | Kennett, Theresa Ford, Sophia Ford, Emma Ford, Harriott Ford, Frederick Ford, Mary Ann Ford, | William D’Aranda Ford and Susannah Ford all Infants under the age of Twenty One Years by the | said William D’Aranda their next Friend. | 

These Defendants now and at all times hereafter saving and reserving to themselves all and all manner of benefit and advantage that may | or can be had or taken by way of exception or otherwise to the many errors uncertainties and imperfections in the said Complainants said bill | of complaint contained for answer thereunto or unto so much thereof as these Defendants are advised it is material or necessary for them to | make answer unto Answer and Say they believe it to be true that Thomas Harridge the elder deceased the testator in the said Bill | named did make and duly sign and publish his last will and testament in writing of such date and to such purport or effect as in the | said Bill in that behalf mentioned And that he was of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding at the time of making the | same and that such Will was duly executed by him and attested as by law is required for passing freehold estates by devise but these Defendants | for their greater certainty as to the said will the date contents and attestation thereof crave leave to refer thereto and to the Probate Copy thereof | when the same shall be produced to this Honorable Court And these Defendants further answering say they believe it to be true that the said | testator departed this life at or about the time in the said bill in that behalf mentioned And these Defendants say they are advised and | humbly submit that under the said Will they or one of them are or is absolutely entitled to one equal eighth part or share of and in the | whole residue which remains or may or shall remain of the monies which shall have arisen or may or shall arise from the sale of the real | 
[a crease occupies the next several (approx 8) lines of the document] 
[above the crease] […] testator and such parts of his personal estate as were or are saleable and of the monies which have been or may | 
[…] the said testator’s personal estate and of the rents issues and profits dividends | 
[…] money of the same respectively after payment | 
[…] of | 
[below the crease] money […] 
claim all such part share and interest […] 
collected got in and received and to arise be collected got in and received therefrom […] 
produce thereof respectively And also all such other part share right estate and interest of an in the same respectively […] 
this Honorable Court/ these Defendants or either of them are or is or may eventually be or become intitled to And these Defendants further | say they are strangers to all other the matters and things in the said Bill mentioned And these Defendants say they deny all | and all manner of unlawful combination and confederacy in and by the Complainants Bill charged without this that there is any | other matter or thing in the said Complainants Bill of Complaint contained material or effectual in the law for them these Defendants to | make answer unto and not herein and hereby well and sufficiently answered confessed or avoided traversed or denied is true to the | Knowledge or belief of these Defendants All which matters and things these Defendants are ready and willing to aver maintain and | prove as this Honorable Court shall direct and humbly prays to be hence dismissed with their reasonable costs and charges in this | behalf most wrongfully sustained. | 
[signed] G: Haldane | 
[signed] Thomas Walker | 
[signed] Mary Walker | 

This Answer was signed by the | above named Defendants Thomas | Walker and Mary Walker in the | presence of me | 
[signed] Hen:M:Sawyer | Solicitor | 
8 Furnivals Inn | Holborn. 

[signed bottom left]Mills

[Text bottom centre]13/J27 or and by you to Mr Vesey