D'Aranda v Harridge 1829

George the ffourth by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith To Thomas Wood | George Wood William May and Thomas Merryfield Gentlemen |

Greetings Whereas William D’Aranda and his wife and others Complainants have lately exhibited their Bill of Complaint before us in our | Court of Chancery against David Harridge |
Defendant and Whereas we have by our writ lately commanded the said Defendant to appear before us in our said Chancery | at a certain day now past to answer the said Bill Know Ye that we have given unto you any three or two of you full power and | Authority to take the answer of the said Defendant to the said Bill And therefore we command you ant three or two of you at such certain day and | place as you shall think fit you go to the said Defendant if he cannot conveniently come to you and take his answer to the said Bill on his | Corporal oath upon the Holy Evangelists to be administered by you any three or two of you the said answer being distinctly and plainly wrote | upon Parchment and when you shall have so taken it you are to send the same closed up under the Seals of you any three or two of you | 
Unto us in our said Chancery without delay/ wheresoever it shall then be together with this writ Witness ourself at Westminster the Twenty Sixth | day of Maye in the tenth year of our Reign

[signed] Leach                            [signed] Utterson