A Day on the Beach As War Breaks Out
(18th July 2006)

If only I had the words,
to tell you of my happiness

An intense sunfire from above beams down
as waves of crushing power obstinately pound the beach.
Crashing, crashing, crashing;
the ebb and flow of nature’s heavy artillery
eroding all in its reach.

Peacefully we bask
in the shadow of the cradle of philosophy and debate:
the great birthplace of Socrates and Plato,
Olympus and civilisation in view.

All races catch the beauty of the day:
smiles match the harmonious mood.
Young play ceaselessly, their energy a bliss. Cries of joy
combining with the spellbinding sound of the sea.

Whilst ageless lovers caress in the water,
a father is buried in sand.
No human rights on hand
to gain his release.
A pleasure ship moored now turns: a last siren blast to call tardy swimmers aboard.
Two stragglers left behind almost miss the boat.

on this blissful day a tale of two worlds.
Under the same sky the intense gunfire as waves of untold power
pound mercilessly.
Crushing, crushing, crushing.
Humanity’s heavy weaponry eroding all resistance in
its path.
No cries of joy, only terror
as the heavens dispense summary injustice.

Sand there may be, but no love is to be found on their
beach. For them peace and reason seem forever
out of reach. A clarion blast warns them that they are a world being left behind.
They too will also miss the boat.

No great philosopher could bring reasoned debate, as instead
they indulge the politics and religion
of hate.

If only I had the words
To tell you of my sadness

-- Georges de Bernard, 2006